‘Veiled Histories’

Lace, Petticoats & Lingerie

This work draws upon both tradition and contemporary models of lace & underwear production, signifiers and cultural views of social behaviours, intimacy & exposure. The forthcoming exhibition at the Cass Gallery in 2012 (alongside other practitioners including Mah Rana, Flora McLean Vincent, Simone ten Hompel) will include samplers, piecework and garments for outerwear/ underwear.

Drawing approaches

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Penelope Watkins

Traditional Lace
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Looking specifically at transforming gender-specific manufacturing tasks (such as piecework within textiles), this work seeks to challenge gender roles and map the effect (if any) upon design, production etc.
Contemporary Lace

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Miss Crofton


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Petticoat Lane: Past

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Petticoat Lane: Present

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Drawing upon Petticoat Lane and the Aldgate area, relevant research archives and the Wonder of Making symposium (‘feminine and making’), I am combining traditionally feminised crafts (such as lace-making, whitework, needlepoint etc) with emergent technologies such as 3D printing, SLS, 3D scanning to map and exhibit changes in gender roles in manufacturing.

3D Scanning

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Iris Van Herpen

Rachel Harding


Wordplay/ Place names

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Fernanda Viegas & Martin Wattenberg

Exhibition approaches

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