‘Veiled Histories’

Lace, Petticoats & Lingerie

This work draws upon both tradition and contemporary models of lace & underwear production, signifiers and cultural views of social behaviours, intimacy & exposure. The forthcoming exhibition at the Cass Gallery in 2012 (alongside other practitioners including Mah Rana, Flora McLean Vincent, Simone ten Hompel) will include samplers, piecework and garments for outerwear/ underwear.

Drawing approaches

Penelope Watkins

Traditional Lace

Looking specifically at transforming gender-specific manufacturing tasks (such as piecework within textiles), this work seeks to challenge gender roles and map the effect (if any) upon design, production etc.
Contemporary Lace

Miss Crofton



Petticoat Lane: Past



Petticoat Lane: Present


Drawing upon Petticoat Lane and the Aldgate area, relevant research archives and the Wonder of Making symposium (‘feminine and making’), I am combining traditionally feminised crafts (such as lace-making, whitework, needlepoint etc) with emergent technologies such as 3D printing, SLS, 3D scanning to map and exhibit changes in gender roles in manufacturing.

3D Scanning


Iris Van Herpen

Rachel Harding


Wordplay/ Place names

Fernanda Viegas & Martin Wattenberg

Exhibition approaches